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Necessary Spaces: Exploring the Richness of African American Childhood in the South

"Using the old South as a backdrop, the author takes the reader to a time before integration, to African-American neighborhoods that were rich in culture, resources, and connections. She provides the context in which learning occurred in natural environments with many 'teachers' in all aspects of school, community and family life...The author shares her vision 'for interconnection of grassroots, academic and service resources as networks for lifelong learning in African-American communities.'In order to build and restore community networks for learning, collective memory ...can be used as a catalyst for building community networks for learning."
Rosemarie Allen, Children, Youth and Environments 24(1), 2014

Crazy Visitation: A Chronicle of Illness and Recovery. Foreword by Dr. Rafael Tamargo

“Here is a book that deals with matters medical, neuropsychiatric, with vivid, summoning, lucid prose -- a lyrically narrated chronicle of an illness and a wonderfully narrated account of the mind’s response to a growing biological threat.”

—Robert Coles