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Crazy Visitation: A Chronicle of Illness and Recovery

"This carefully written, highly personal, and unpitying memoir of an illness is one of the few patient-oriented books about brain tumors out there. It has the added bonus of a foreword by Nettles's surgeon, placing the book in medical and historic perspective."

--Library Journal

“Crazy Visitation: A Chronicle of Illness and Recovery is the personal story of author Saundra Murray Nettles, who lived with an encroaching brain tumor affecting her memory, personality, mood, and physical well-being for years before its diagnosis and removal. Pieced together through written records and the recollection of others as well as the author's own memory, Crazy Visitation is the story of both sickness and the long road to healing. A deeply moving and uplifting book, Crazy Visitation is emotionally rewarding, highly recommended reading."

--Midwest Book Review

"I longed for a veteran voice as I sorted through the symptoms and aftermath of the tumor, but firsthand accounts are rare. I offer my story to those who want a glimpse into the vulnerability created by an unhealthy brain and the restoration of wholeness in the site of secrets and dreams, memory and inhibition, and the origin and ending of all the senses."

--p. 5, Crazy Visitation